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Our Team

Our well–trained staff are experts in finding the best eyewear or contact lenses to meet your visual needs. Combined, we have nearly 50 years of optical experience.

Visual requirements are uniquely individual and we are very aware of the different needs of our patients. We can help you decide between all the newest technologies in frames, lenses or contact lenses to make your vision the best it can be.

Continuing Education is a must for our office. We are always updating our knowledge with yearly Alberta Optometrist Association Conferences and in-house training.

Most of our staff have taken the Canadian Optometric Assistant Certification Course that is a comprehensive optometric course developed by the Canadian Optometric Association and gives them a designation of C.C.O.A for their efforts.

St. John’s first-aid and CPR are also part of our training complement.

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Kim Tew

Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant

Kim joined the Hinton Optometry Clinic team in August 2015 as an Optometric Assistant. Her face and smile are known to many of our patients and customers. In 2021, with many family obligations, Kim has taken on a part time role and can usually be found at the Rocky Mountain Eye Wear location.  Her valuable knowledge and experience continues to serve our customers full time through her guidance and mentorship to our newer staff. When not working for the clinic, Kim is involved in the community with groups such as biathlon, theatre, and music performances.

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Shelley Groat

Office Manager

Shelley joined our team in September of 2016 and has taken on the role of Office Financial Manager. Shelley is a long time resident of Brule, AB and is very familiar with the area. You may find her in her office taking care of accounting and bookkeeping needs with a welcoming smile. She also assists around the office in areas that she is needed to help things run smoothly.

C Chaye 2021

Crystal Chaye

Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant - Receptionist

Crystal’s friendly, familiar voice has welcomed patients over the phone and in person since March of 2003 at Hinton Optometry Clinic. She is always ready and willing to serve you in a professional and courteous manner, making sure your next appointment is booked. Her experience over the years is invaluable to both patients and staff.

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Jenni Green

Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant - Receptionist

Joining the HOC family in 2014 as a co-receptionist, it just may be Jenni answering your calls or scheduling and confirming your appointments. When not at her desk you may find her administering Visual Field tests, assisting with Pretesting, posting to Social Media, or keeping the office tidy. A wearer of glasses since the age of seven, Jenni is always looking to help our patients as much as she can and knows how important proper vision care is.

J Alfaro 2021.html

Jacquie Alfaro

Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant - Pretester

Jacqueline was born in Guatemala and raised in Vancouver, BC since the age of 2. Her family moved to Hinton in 2012 and she has worked in various Medical Office's since 2007. Jacquie worked in our clinic for a few weeks in 2018, and in 2019 was hired permanently as an Optometric Assistant. You will find her assisting Dr. Langfield, carrying out various tests, fitting and educating patients with contact lenses, and arranging specialist appointments. She has completed her Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant course since arriving, and is constantly improving her knowledge of the Optometric field.

J Clarke 2021

Jada Clarke

Optometric Assistant - Pretester

Jada joined Hinton Optometry Clinic as an Optometric Assistant in March 2021. She may greet you at the front door when you are here for an appointment with Dr. Braun. Jada pretests, gives contact lens fittings, and performs various procedures for the doctors. She is currently working on receiving her Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant Diploma through the Canadian Association of Optometrists.

Jen Madden

Optometric Assistant - Frame Room Staff

Jen has been with Hinton Optometry Clinic since April 2022 as an Optometric Assistant. You'll find her behind the scenes getting your lenses verified and doing further adjustments on your frames, ordering our newest inventory, or assisting you to pick out your perfect pair of glasses in our frame room.

K DeVries 2021

Kaitee de Vries

Optometric Assistant - Frame Room Staff

Kaitee joined Hinton Optometry Clinic in June 2021 as an Optometric Assistant. Growing up in McBride BC, Kaitee enjoys many outdoor sports including ice fishing, camping, and hunting among others. She brings this enthusiasm into the office when assisting you to pick out your perfect pair of glasses in our frame room or behind the scenes getting your lenses verified and doing further adjustments on your frames. Kaitee intends on completing a CCOA course to expand her knowledge in the Optometric field.

Sam Simpson

Sam Simpson

Optometric Assistant - Frame Room Staff

Samantha joined Hinton Optometry Clinic as an Optometric Assistant in September 2021. She grew up near Wabamun Lake and moved to Hinton in 2018 after living in Valemount and Jasper. You may find her in the frame room helping you pick out the perfect pair of glasses, in the lab doing adjustments and verifying your glasses, or assisting our doctors in the back. Sam intends on completing the C.C.O.A course at a future time to further her knowledge in the optometric field. With over 7 years in the customer service industry, Sam's main goal is ensuring you leave the office happy.

Jessica Groat

Optometric Assistant - Floater

Jessica joined Hinton Optometry Clinic in October 2020 as an Optometric Assistant. She recently graduated with a BSc from the University of Alberta, with plans to resume her studies in a masters program in the field of public health come fall 2022. As a lifelong resident of Brule, Jessica enjoys spending her time hiking, backpacking, and cooking. You'll find her all around the office as our floater, either helping you find the perfect glasses in the frame room, booking your appointment at the front desk, or assisting our doctors in the back. As with all our clinic staff she is constantly training and upgrading her knowledge about optics.